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For many years I was a 'badass business lady'. I have enjoyed my rock & roll working-life back in the days a lot, in diverse transformations as a businesswoman, manager and salestiger. I was a real lucky woman actually, with my perfect colorful 'tenue de ville' outfits and a big precious smile, every single day. I had the most amazing jobs in sexy companies like Talpa, Endemol and Q-Music. My life consisted of long days, various meetings, get-togethers, bitterballs and lots of wine! And honestly, I loved it, every single minute.
Until this moment in 2010, when life literally stopped me.
Not the normal brake,
No! - this was the emergency brake,
or we call this life events!
Bam, all at once everything came to an end, it was dark - black - silence.
My private life needed my attention and presence.

Now I can only look back, extremely proud and with a big smile. Look back at my beautiful rich life I had back in the days, and a precious memory captured in my heart. I was a successful businesswoman at that time and I am now a passionate and certainly successful entrepreneur.
Nowadays, I know better than anyone what it is like to work really hard, travel a lot and having to deal with deadlines and experience work pressure on a daily basis. Fortunately, these feelings, experiences, and emotions were back in the days.
Today, I am booked by all kinds of different companies to share my diamonds, my extraordinary experiences of those dynamic years, and how you can deal with them in a loving way.
How to stay fit and relaxed at work with a big smile on your face, day in day out?
How you handle stress on a daily basis?
How to keep an employee happy?
And how to be happy in the job as an employee?
"The highest goal is to create a job, where you do not want a vacation from any more"



Ex-businesswoman in the media,
now successful lifestyle coach,
certified yoga & meditation teacher,
nutritionist and breathwork coach

With Business Coaching you work on the mindset and vitality of your employees with direct results, with a speed session of 30 minutes the person can be delighted and completely relaxed again.
Attention and time for the employee with the aim for better results;
1. for the employee, because they are more relaxed, experience less stress and are happy and satisfied in the work they do
2. for the employer: higher productivity and less absenteeism
"That is what we call double-dipping - double-happiness"

Nowadays, executive coaching is becoming increasingly more interesting due to the numerous benefits associated with it.
On top, the employer pays more and more attention to its employees, and that is a beautiful trend we see in the market.
" Prevention is better than cure"

And the employee also gives himself the highest priority when he enters a coaching program like this!
- more job satisfaction
- experience less stress
- attention is energy
- stimulation of productivity
- creativity and motivation
- better breathing - means more life energy
- improved sitting posture
- total body workout
- interfaces between colleagues
- increasing efficiency
- better concentration


Stress and work pressure is the main reason for burnout and occupational diseases. Many of us are living the life and ignoring and suppressing the body signals and associated emotions for years, work harder than they can actually handle and go beyond their actual feelings and true being.

How can you, as an employer, prevent burn-out and other stress-related complaints within your beautiful business? It is definitely a topic you want to put your focus on. It is not only costing your company a lot of money, the occupational diseases, it is as well 'killing' for the working atmosphere within your company, and it is also contagious, super time consuming and therefore affecting your entire business in the end.


Speed session;
30 minutes session results in a beautiful insight and improvement already,
60 minutes session, you experience the depth and feel recharged after the session
90 minutes session, will result in a long-lasting life-changing experience


In Business Coaching we work with various techniques:

Kundalini yoga & meditation,
mindfulness training,
lifestyle & business coaching,
breathwork techniques and training,
bodywork and dance,
nutritional advice and much more.

Based on an introduction meeting, we choose together the approach that suits your demand, optimize your goals and benefits your company:
1 to 1 session,
group session,
management sessions,
training at unique locations abroad.
conscious business events and more.....


In addition to Business Coaching you can also book me as a mentor, private coach, person of trust for management / managers and employees, happiness coach and at a department level or at MT and DT meetings. I observe, monitor and share the plan to improve. For you as a company, it can also be seen as health insurance for the employee and for the company!Excellent investment with long term benefits.

Companies such as Apple, Facebook and Google have already preceded you and have been offering opportunities for yoga and meditation for years now, because they know and believe that it benefits the well-being of the employees and thus also the organization
in the end.


"If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your mind is. If you try to calm it, it only makes it worse, but over time it does calm, and when it does, there's room to hear more subtle things--that's when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before."

-Steve Jobs, founder Apple


What do the participants say about Humita?

I've known Humita during various stages in her life, as a yoga teacher and as a coach. Yoga teacher; Humita's contagious life spirit, passion and knowledge of yoga are all reasons why it's such a joy to follow her lessons. Each session is an appropriate, spiritual and transformative party.
Coach; Humita has the talent to move people further in life, and make them live their lives to the fullest. Her energy and sensuality
is inspiring, her spontaneity is contagious and her sincerity makes her affectionate and accessible. It's extraordinary how she always manages to hit the nail right on the head. But the thing I admire most about her is her ability to see the potential in every person, and the way she gets this across to them. 
Marleen Kuijt, Entrepreneur, Amsterdam.

As a person, she is very lovely, open, warm and sincere. And very empathic and supportive. I also love her strength and dedication.
As a teacher, I appreciate her ability to support and notice, encourage and trust the natural flow.
Marika Poom, Estonia

You are such an inspiring teacher. Teaching from your heart in a truly compassionate and feminine way. I loved your classes. You are wonderful - Paula Nygren, Sweden



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