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Conscious, more positive messages in media everywhere! Our planet and all our people can grow and flourish when more of us will live a more conscious lifestyle, is one of Humita’s (founder of Lotus Conscious PR Agency) strong beliefs, and she desires to help people to create a new and different outlook on life and to respect and love every other human being, regardless their differences. Clearly, PR and media are two massive roads to take us to this next level. Luckily, Humita has broad experience in both fields and will use those mastered skills to make the world a prettier place. Preferably by touching as many hearts as possible, but every single soul she can bring a spark to is mission accomplished.

Conscious, more positive messages in media everywhere!

Our Clients

It is our mission and purpose to help conscious businesses grow, ethical entrepreneurs, succeed and natural products get the attention they deserve. We are grateful and humbled to be the PR power of these beautiful people and outstanding companies.

Public Relations

We build brand awareness across traditional and online media throughout the world, boosting the message and profile of these businesses, products and experts.


We are the media therefore we know the media, from the inside out. Lotus Conscious PR Agency can work one-on-one to teach entrepreneurs and business how to manage their own PR, or consult on a per-project basis.

With these skills, we work with clients to:

• Build brand awareness within traditional and online media channels;
• Create newsworthy campaigns that get our clients’ products and services noticed;
• Generate social media buzz and increased online interaction;
• Ensure client websites are media-ready and journalist-friendly;

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