This fall 2020 there will be another amazing retreat coming up with a stunning Co-Teacher Charlene Gisele, a super talented yoga teacher, sports coach, model and ex-lawyer!
Both of us, have had a chapter 1 in life, all about a successful dynamic business career, and chapter 2 is full on in writing...
Being with Charlene, just magic occurs - so it is Divine timing to share this with all the women around the world.




This retreat will take place just after summer at an extraordinary scenery in La douce France, it is a castle in a vineyard. It is not a regular retreat location, nope au-contraire, it is an exclusive private venue which will only open for this private group coming up...

Retreat especially for Women in Business.
☆☆☆ How to stay connected?
☆☆☆ How to work hard and play hard?
☆☆☆ How to stay open, alive, healthy and fit?
☆☆☆ How to stay connected to your heart and love?
☆☆☆ How to fully relax and drive business?
☆☆☆ How to maintain a good sex life?
☆☆☆ How to be successful, spiritual and sensual at the same time?
☆☆☆How to be YOU!


Stay tuned for more details..

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