Welcome to the temple of the feminine. A space to BE YOURSELF!
It is time for women to reclaim our energy and immense capacity for bliss.

In Tantra we believe, that you are perfect the way you are. We do invite you to dive a little deeper: Is this the life I really want? Do I have the courage to be who I really am and show myself to the world? What are my deepest desires and needs? How would my dream life look like?

By fully embracing who you really are, your feminity, your strengths and weaknesses, your light and shadow - by this we enter a source of magic, this is where life really starts. 
I will be there myself in Ibiza to be part of an amazing 'Teachers Team' in May 2019, are you joining me on this juicy adventure...?

“Let us unveil together!. Drop the false layers of conditioning and support each other to shine the Wild, Sensual and Wise Woman Within.
Together we learn how to surrender into cosmic life force, laugh  and cry tears of joy at the beauty that we hold within us.”

In this course you will:
– Open to the free flow of universal energy.
– Awaken Body Sensitivity through touch.
– Learn the language of Female explosion.
– Celebrate your natural beauty without imitating social stereotypes.
– Discover the Support of The  Circle of Women

This course is mostly experiential, we will practice:
– Tantra Meditations and Rituals,
– Massage,
– Emotional Release,
– Dance Celebration,
– sharing and Silence 

This course is the first module of the TANTRA WOMAN Training, a deeply transformative journey on a personal level that will also empower you to start supporting your own women’s circles.

One week training 1200€ accommodation and food.
We only have space for 24 women,
to secure your place. 
contact Janet: +49177-6298725

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