What do we do at Alma@Service?
Our goal is to improve the positive outlook on work-life, for the employee to embrace a broader view of engagement, commitment within the company and the total well-being of the employee in life.

Who are we?
Alma@Service is a committed team of specialized and experienced therapists, yoga teachers and bodyworkers. Each member of the Alma@Service team is consciously chosen and is certified in their field of expertise.
Casper Sorensen from Denmark and Humita Kanhai from the Netherlands with her Indian roots, are the founders of the unique innovative company Alma@Service, and are certified coaches, therapists and yoga teachers themselves. Together they have more than 15 years of experience in the field of personal growth, coaching, yoga, meditation and various types of bodywork. They are very passionate about life itself. They believe you can not dream outside your possibilities and that anything is possible in your (work)life! They are the living example of their beliefs and teach what they preach, both had a chapter 1 in their lives, Humita had glitter and glamorous one, as a successful businesswoman in the international world of Media, one of her last jobs was as Commercial Manager Talpa for John de Mol. Casper has always been profound and serious in his search for soul-purpose and meaning, and thus in 2011 he quit his job, grabbed his backpack and went on an adventure, visiting more than 30 countries, researched various cultures and communities, experienced and learned the best meditation and mindfulness teachings in the world. The 7 years he was traveling, he looked into various ways of freedom and became an expert in the field of living your true essence. Nowadays they travel the world together, share their gift with the world via their different teachings, training, retreats, and private sessions.
Experiencing their work and/or attending one of their classes, will be anyhow a beautiful life-changing experience. By bringing this work into the corporate world, they give employees the chance to activate potential, optimize the individual outcome, and increase more overall success. 

We offer gentle yoga classes tailor-made for offices, to increase energy, productivity, and general surplus. During the classes, we introduce various forms of yoga, and they all contain movements, breathing exercises, and meditation.

Our classes in mindfulness and meditation, have a focus on reducing mental and physical stress. Plus on top, it lengthens attention span and promotes emotional health. We have an exclusive diverse offer of these classes; zen meditation, walking meditation, breath meditation, guided meditation, silent meditation, dance meditation and more....

Chair Massage 
The research of the benefits for chair massages in offices are ever long and positive; f.e. reduces stress - studies show a whopping 85% stress reduction, improved job satisfaction, increased immune function, and lowers blood pressure. On top, it is easy to implement in the daily work schedule, a half-hour treatment is already sufficient and with the direct result for the employee. And this means as well as effects for the employer at the end off course.

Alma@Service Coaching 
An Alma@Service coach is better than a consultant or regular business coach for many reasons. With years of successful experience, your Alma@Service coach can provide valuable insights that will help you develop long-term and short-term goals and strategies, as well as improve your work in areas that you might have overlooked. And let’s not forget the personal growth and journey towards unfolding your soul-purpose. On top, compared to a regular business coach, the Alma@Service coach works with a holistic approach that includes yoga, meditation, breathwork and more. We focus on the wellbeing of the employee. This means, the employee in his/her true essence and supports them on their way. 
All of the above services, except massage can be provided in groups as well (besides individual approach). This program is suitable for all employees, managers, high potentials and executives.





Headquarters Amsterdam, office Copenhagen

0031 6 52 62 1607

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